10 Things You Should Know About How To Have A Healthy Relationship

Do a search online-be it on search engines like google or social media, on how to have a healthy relationship, and you will be drowned with stories- filled with life experiences and guidance clues.

For those who wish to go on that similar journey, on how to have a healthy relationship, I have the top ways below.

1. Be bold and ask for how you want to be treated.

Over time, we guess that our companion understands us so well that we don’t have to need to question how we want to be treated. What wrong does this presumption do? Hopes are made and in no time amount to nothing.

Those lost hopes can have us probing the continuity of our companionship and connection. Keep in mind that “asking for how you want to be treated” covers everything in the relationship, from spiritual to emotional wants.

2. Carry out the activities you did during your year one of going out.

As the years come by, we become idle in our relationships. We lose sight of endurance, peacefulness, care, kindness and the general energy we once took toward our companion.

Consider back to year one of your relationship and put pen to paper on all what you used to do for your companion. Now begin doing the same again.

3. Know everything about your partner to bits-knowledgeable about them.

Imagine what makes him or her happy-spiritually, physically and emotionally. We often make the mistake of thinking of what we think is best for our partners, rather than considering what they really want.

Bear in mind that if it’s essential to your partner, it doesn’t have to make good judgment to you.
Just let it go and do it.

4. Give unto your partner what you want them to also give back to you.

This is a cardinal principle. Only give what you expect in return. Wants and needs change with time. If you would like to be appreciated try to do the same for your partner.

You want more care and attention, give the same dose of love and care to your partner, better if you give the more. Remember you only get what you give not differently. This is a fact of life.

5. Make merry of your differences.

Be aware that men are different from women. Recognizing these differences would make staying together quieter. These differences go beyond physical makeup to emotion etc.

We may not come from the outer regions of the solar system, but appreciating these differences makes living together more peaceful, attractive and enjoyable. Look for ways to become the best of friends. Most people say it’s the best part of their relationships.

6. Go on “conflict holidays” in tough times.

Before sinking down the abyss of not going back, in “petty relationship fights” Either partner can call a break so that cooler heads can settle the issues at stake.

The main point is deciding how to revisit old conversations which are sensitive. This is to allow for tempers to go down so that correct communication can be realized.

Anger is a key relationship killer, it makes one myopic and would not make you see the good. When you are not in good mood with your companion, give yourself some time for the anger to go down and then gently talk about what’s going on.

7. Your partner needs your apology.

Everyone agrees to say ‘sorry’ is good, but it only makes a great effect when it comes from your heart. Even if you disagree your action was not good, you will never be convinced in your head about that action. That guilty conscience will gnaw you up.

8. Change is personal

Do not be deceived. One can only change themselves first, not their partners. Don’t expect a behavioural change in partners for actions you don’t like. Do you want changes? Yes, then be the first example, so your companion learns from what you want.

9. Thriving relationships take effort.

Relationships that work take a lot of work. They don’t come out of the blue. Times of reworking things on and on. They don’t happen in nothingness. They happen when couples take an effort in opening up to themselves.

10. Show admirations to each other every single moment shared together.

Each day is an opportunity to honour the relationship by making positive statements to your mate. Feeling respected and cherished by the one you love makes life much nicer.

These above, are the ways on how to have a healthy relationship.

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