14 Things Nobody Told You About How To Lose Weight

Recently I asked a couple of people to give their best weight-loss ideas. And boy, some of the answers about how to lose weight were awesome.

I have put together some of the great ideas below, for those trying hard to lose weight. It is not in any particular order, and there might be conflicting ideas — but remember there are some awesome ones here, so select those you believe will go great for you and try them.

Remember to make your plans clear in order to get you motivated. Eat less and move more.

1. To have a successful weight loss, you need to change your life. Turn the unhealthy life into good habits. Take charge of your life. That is not the end, you have to have faith you can do it. Dreams only become reality very quickly when you work hard at it.

2. Never try to lose weight. This sounds quite extreme. The main pointer of too much weight gain in the time ahead of you is trying to lose weight in the past. Don’t get yourself hungry. That will not last. Go get some workout. Keep fit.

3. Do not ever eat between the 3 main meals– Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Rather eat what you planned eating when it is the right time to eat.

4. Avoid processed foods. Keep your foods as natural as possible.

5. Stop weighing yourself every day. Do it just once a week — as soon as you wake up, and after you have used the bathroom.

6. Change will not come automatically, you must act persistently. You can talk and read tons of books about eating healthy and exercising all you want, but change will not begin until you act. Practice what you read.

7. Change your to-do list, if possible. If you exercise in the morning but overeat while watching TV in the afternoon, try exercising in the afternoon. Switch things up to help break old habits.

8. Begin small. Trying to change your way of life overnight can be very bad to your body and your mind. You will get sick eating only fruits 3 times a day. Your life should be pleasant and healthy! Take one day at a time.

9. Get your self-worth from a body size that will work well, to serve your good life’s plans, and not from a number on a scale. Don’t get so concerned by how much you weigh initially..

10. Do not give up, even if you have not been able to go strictly by your goals. When you fail, start over again.

11. Take regular waistline measurements. Sometimes your scale may not show you the weight loss improvement well, but your waistline will.

12. Have enough rest – That is the most important step. It is difficult to plan your meals, exercise when you do not have enough sleep.

13. Tell others your plans. Not only will you have others check you out on your performance, but you also get someone to encourage you through.

14. Ultimately focus on making better your health and not weight loss. It is more important that you live a cheerful, healthy life when you are able to shed off some weight, even if you do not get the total-targeted weight loss.

You will be thankful when you are 70 and still lead an active life.