20 Ways on How to Save Money Every Day

What I am going to show you today in this blog post are 20 ways to live frugally; save lots of money and basically kind of embrace frugal living or minimalist lifestyle. Please note, not all these will work for everyone but find within these ideas, the one that suits your lifestyle and will make you save tons of money.

1. Cut-out on your phone plan

I don’t have a cell phone plan. I just use a prepaid SIM card because I move from several locations a lot. If you do have a phone plan, I suggest you call your cell phone company and see if you can switch to a lower plan. 
You can get rid of your cell phone plan completely and go Wi-Fi only. There are so many options out there. Just find something that works for you. If you can make it cheaper then that is awesome.

2. Exercise for free and cancel your gym membership

If you really love going to the gym then keep your gym membership. But for me personally, I don’t like going there. 
To be honest with you, I do like going there sometimes but not all the time. I like to work-out outside. It is not necessarily about having a gym membership. It is about finding alternative means to keep yourself fit.

3. Stop eating out and make all your food at home.

Cooking some simple recipes is super easy, and could save you tons of money. Eating out is super expensive.

4. Simplify what you eat

If you eat less variety of food, then you will be saving lots of money because you will be buying fewer groceries. For example, I like to eat the same breakfast every day of the week.
I like to eat oatmeal, and it is very easy and simple to make and it saves me lots of money because all I have to buy is oats and whatever I would like to put on it. For lunch and dinner, I like to eat rice and beans. Whole foods are healthy and they make me feel good.

5. Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping is merely preparing some of the substantial amounts of food you eat ahead of time. I am very guilty of going places, and kind of overstaying out of the house longer than I intended. 
I end up getting very hungry and, I have to get something to munch on. In meal prepping you can make lunches and dinners ahead of time. Get meals to read. Carry them in little containers

6. Walking instead of taking public transportation

I obviously have to take public transportation sometimes but, I prefer to walk if I can.
Sometimes, I call a friend and walk together with them, and have a good time together. This saves me 4 bucks, and I can get in a good talk with a friend during that time walking.

7. Spend time on hobbies that are free or make you money.

Some of such hobbies include exercising. If you like writing, you can do freelance writing.

8.  Cut-down on drinking

Cutting down on drinking especially in restaurants and bars can save you so much money. Drink at home,or cut down on drinking completely. Not drinking is a lot healthier.

9. Sell stuff you don’t need

Go through your house, and question yourself on everything you own. Ask yourself “Do I really need these things?”. If the answer is no, then sell these kinds of stuff in order to make extra cash. 
You can sell on Craigslist, Facebook groups, eBay etc. There are so many different ways you can sell your stuff.

10. When you are trying to buy something, buy it used.

You can get a lot of slightly used stuff which are in perfect conditions, on eBay, Facebook market groups, Craigslist etc.

11. Get enough sleep

Go to bed early, this will help you stop impulse shopping at night. I know a lot of people shop online at night. This can help you cut back unnecessary purchases at night. 
It is more likely for you to make impulse decisions at night, so going to sleep early, you are less likely to make impulse buying or eating foods that you are not hungry at night.

12. Cut back on extras

Buying little extras like can really add up when you sit down to calculate the amount of money you are spending on little things.

13. Make your social time free or really cheap

Instead of going out for dinner or drinking socially with your friends, try and go for hikes or walks. 
Make a smoothie in your house and hang out in your living room. Hang out at the park. Have a simple picnic. There are so many things you can do, that are free and inexpensive.

14. Carry a reasonable water bottle.

I am obsessed with mine. I carry it everywhere and drink from it. Take it everywhere and drink from it. 
Even in everyday life, it is good to drink lots of water. It saves me from buying bottled water and that translates to saving the planet.

15. Cut off subscriptions that you do not use.

If you are not using Netflix really, then cut that off and switch to Youtube. If you are not using audiobooks, cut that off. Anything that you are not using that you are subscribed to cut it out.

16. Pay off your debt

Paying for interest on credit card balance to me is a complete waste of money. So, if you have debt, try as much as possible to pay that off as quickly as possible in order to avoid paying interests that pile up.

17. Sell your car

Sell your car if you can, if you don’t really need your car then get rid of it. That will help you save lots of money. Cars are really expensive to keep running. 
You have to pay for insurance, fuel, servicing etc. It is cheaper to use public transportation or just walk.

18. Take good care of yourself

When I had a shopping addiction, it was basically because I wasn’t focusing on myself. I was trying to find happiness in external factors. 
When I started focusing on myself-feeding myself nutritious foods, getting outside, having fun I have ended up saving lots of money because I spend less time on shopping and buying things to please myself. I have stopped buying things to make me happy.

19. Focus your time and energy on personal growth

I spend a lot of my free time learning. I like to read books. I like to watch Ted Talks. This helps me to grow as a person. I have learnt more about saving, personal finance etc.

 20. Track your finances and make saving money a game.

See saving as something that is fun. See it as a competition with yourself to see how much money you can save every day. 
It will really get you excited about it. If it is something that you are dreading then you are not going to love it.

If you are a student, or you a someone who earns a salary but is on a tight budget, applying the ways above can help you tremendously