6 Foods That Taste Great but Are Hard to Eat or Prepare

There are several sweet-tasting foods around, but depending on whether you eat a little or too much of them you could end up having diarrhoea, teary eyes, prickly mouth, unpleasant breath etc.

 Sometimes it is not only about the quantity you eat of these foods, but the difficult process of getting them ready for eating also. Listed below are some of these foods.

 Let’s get down to eating some delicious but ‘stubborn’ foods.


They are delicious to eat, but you can only eat them in small quantities, as too much will give you diarrhoea. Fruits in general ease constipation because of the fibre in them.

 If You have difficulty emptying your bowels, chow down on lots of mangoes, and in a few hours, you will get your results. The strings/threads you have to pick from your teeth after eating mangoes can make you think again the next time you want to eat some more.

 These strings can be stuck in your teeth and remain there for long if you don’t do anything immediately about them.


 If you have an orange tree in your house you will know picking them is a challenging task. This is because you may get yourself pinched by its needles. Peeling the skin off is another duty as you may end up making ‘wounds’ on it if you don’t use a knife correctly.

 The smart ones who want to use your hands to peel will have the remains of it under your fingernails for the next three days after clawing themselves inside it.


 With coconuts, you will have a hard time breaking the hard shell before you can get the chance to eat all the delicious “coconut meat” inside. There is a reason they always use a cutlass any time you buy one from the roadside. It is the fastest way to get them open. Be careful when using the cutlass, you need those fingers to scoop the meat inside of it. Tell me how hard it was to get your coconut water and meat ready.


 This nice tasting spice can make your mouth smell for the next few days with its odor when eaten fresh. It tastes great when used to prepare food but you don’t want to stand so close to someone with a fresh garlic odour in their mouth. You can get knocked off your seat unawares.


 They are so nice but they almost end up making your mouth feel sore when you eat too much. If you have not tried this before, try cooking pineapple for few minutes with a little sugar. You wouldn’t stop eating this kind of recipe. Boiling it a little removes that prickly taste in the mouth that comes with eating them.


 Have you ever eaten a grilled or smoked tilapia with a big ball of banku, and had to find your way through those prickly bones before? They sting so bad. It is a delicious fish, but hard to eat with all these prickly bones.

 I would encourage you to Share your food allergies in comment section with us.