Abeiku Santana ‘Teases’ Adwoa Smart On Her 56th Birthday

Abeiku Santana and Adwoa Smart
Abeiku Santana and Adwoa Smart

Veteran actress Adwoa Smart aka Belinda Naa Ode Oku’s birthday might have been missed by a lot of bloggers but not the keen eyes of Abeiku Santana.

In a belated birthday wish to Adwoa Smart on social media Abeiku Santana captioned, ” Happy 56th Birthday to Adwoa Smart 😳 Don’t laugh 😂 Just swipe >>>>”.

Adwoa Smart who is a native of the Greater Accra Region was born on 5th October, 65 according to Google’s knowledge panel provided for the search query ‘Adwoa Smart’. This makes her 56 years today.

Adwoa Smart’s physique doesn’t do her justice when you look at how old she is and still looks ever cute.

Here are some reactions to Abeiku Santana’s post.

She look young

I was gonna say it’s not funny until the 2nd photo… ahh😅. Happy birthday 🎉

Herrrh man we need to hear from her before we believe …lol Host her

Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm hmmmm 😂 can’t keep mute Aden @abeikusantana happy birthday to Her wai