“After Liposuction Too You Still Have To Train”- Maame Serwaa’s Shape Doubted

Maame Serwaa

Maame Serwaa has had a lot said about her in her latest videos despite how hard she does in training in order to get her shape.

The pretty young movie star littered her Instagram handle with videos of herself actively sweating out in order to be in shape with her gym instructor. Credit must be given to her for doing her best to stay in shape having being blessed with this size.

Some of her fans who wish they could be in this top Maame Serwaa shape had nothing but to say negative things about her. one empress_selikem claimed Maame Serwaa has done liposuction.  “Eiii After liposuction too you still have to train boi3” Liposuction is an artificial means of being in shape by removing fat from one part of the body to the other part etc.

Clearly, Maame Serwaa is working hard to gym in order to be in good health and body from her gym activities.

Maame Serwaa

Here other reactions to Maame Serwaa’s videos on Instagram.

natural_hanny So gym did this to your body 😂😂😂you ppl get heart ooo

obaa_kay3535 @natural_hanny is not gym she’s big n she’s keeping herself in shape,why do u people think going to gym means big ass😂😂.that is why u people ain’t fit,she her page for some of her old pics n see the body has been there,she’s just growing y3 backwards too much

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