An Angry Van Vicker Chokes ‘Innocent’ Woman To The Wall

Van Vicker and Uchegbu Purity

Van Vicker will not have any of it in his latest appearance as he goes all out.

He is spotted choking an actress, Uchegbu Purity to the wall and right after that scene, Van Vicker lends a helping hand to her after this stellar performance.

Van Vicker is playing his character in this upcoming movie to bits in grabbed scenes from this movie set.

Van Vicker who wore a red shirt and navy blue trousers angrily grabbed the neck of the Uchegbu Purity with his two hands and stuck her to a wall.

Uchegbu Purity’s hand was thereafter seen flailing through the air gasping for air through her lungs.

Van Vicker

Van Vicker who put this epic performance in caption wrote,

The actor who had a camera on him
Karma will catch up with you sooner or later and bite you in the ass. No one can escape.