Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams’ Message To Bishop Agyin Asare’s Son Is Too Much

Bishop Agyin Asare, Francis Asare and Dr. Mensah Otabil

Lately, it is rare to see men of God anoint one another. Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Willaims has rewritten this script when he anointed Bishop Agyin Asare’s son.

Francis Agyin Asare was blessed and prophesied to by Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams when they met at a church program that saw hundreds of congregants attending and witnessing the anointing the bishop bestowed on his prodigy.

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams

A video circulating online saw the archbishop call for Bishop Agyin Asare’s son from the crowd and prophesied to him. He went on to use Francis Agyin Asare to bestow blessings on the sons of his colleague ministers of God like Dr. Mensah Otabil, Bishop David Oyedepo, and all the kids of other anointed men of God in the country and all across Africa.

Watch the video below

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