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Bill Asamoah

Movie star Bill Asamoah has given out snippets of deep thoughts from a quote copied from Justin Albert.

Looking all good in a striped shirt the actor wore a smile with his head a little cocked to his right in a photo add to this quotation on his Instagram handle.

Bill Asamoah captioned this photo of his,

Self-confident people …. discuss their lives with joy and engagement while asking positive-oriented questions of their conversation partner ~ Justin Albert,

Having had a long stint in the movie industry for a couple of years one can attest to the fact that Bill Asamoah seems not to age with time. He still has his youthful looks.

Bill Asamoah

Reactions to Bill Asamoah’s post include:

Man of all time My mentor

Daddy it’s been awhile

@darlynbill 🔥❤️..very deep

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