Bishop Obinim Set To ‘Sell’ Cheap Anointing Oil In This Year’s Crossover

Bishop Daniel Obinim

One of Bishop Daniel Obinim’s dedicated followers, Chris Diggs has made a startling revelation about what is going to happen in Bishop Obinim’s Crossover Crusade.

In a long-sighted post on Chris Diggs’ Facebook he had this message for all:

“31st Dec Crossover at Ashaiman Scraps park by Angel Obinim (20 days more)
We all know Angel Obinim to be the Spiritual works president and the master of all spiritual directions (no question about that). His Angelic oil does miracles that is why lots of people patronise many bottles when they have an encounter with him.

This year during the 31st Dec Crossover, he has promised to bring lots and lots of the oil to the programme to be sold at a more cheaper price so that everybody can take some home for a special direction, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a Church member or not.

It will be so cheap that you can buy as many bottles as you want on behalf of your family or friends. He does that every 31st Crossover, and this is the time, if you’re a man of God, you can also buy as many as you want to be used in your Church for spiritual directions.
This is a once in a year “hot offer” so make the most of it. Let’s meet there for highly spiritual fireworks, “Operation Knock Down Your Enemy in 2022”

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