“Come And Do It For Me”-How Empress Gifty Adore Reduced One Fan To Tears In Strong Words

Empress Gifty Adorye
  • Empress Gifty Adorye goes live on her much-talked-about ‘Empress Show’ on Facebook.

  • The gospel musician gets into a heated exchange with one of her fans over something that the fan pointed out for her to fix in that studio.

Well, the music industry is now saturated with a lot of music artists and so have gospel musicians being affected.

They being affected means the music industry is very competitive now and even some of the recognized household names like Empress Gifty Adorye have resorted to the use of social media to hold their otherwise dying music careers.

Empress Gifty Adorye who has a huge following on social media has retorted in reply to a fan who one can say is below the belt of a musician of her class.

An eagle-eyed fan who was able to point out one hitch in Empress Gifty Adorye’s studio had the reply of his life from her.

letsvibe_with_the_gees Work on your studio walls

This didn’t go on well with Gifty Adorye. Instead of being thankful to the fan for pointing out the lapse in her studio, she replied

empress_gifty @letsvibe_with_the_gees come n do it for me

Empress Gifty Adorye