Did Agya Koo Lie To Us? Akrobeto Reveals How Agya Koo Lost His Past Glory In Kumawood

Akrobeto and Agya Koo

In an interesting twist of events which has seen the loss of the past glory of local movie actor Agya Koo, Akrobeto has said it all about what happened to his colleague.

An interview of Agya Koo sometime ago showed how upset he was about what he believed industry players in Kumawood plotted to bring his ‘downfall‘. He claimed his colleagues in the movie industry hatched a plot to bring him down for whatever reason unbeknownst to him.

A video sighted of veteran actor Akrobeto in an interview appeared to debunk such assertions by Agya Koo.

According to him, producers agreed to sideline Agya Koo because he was always busy when he was called upon, therefore the industry players whose work was at stake also sat down and thought it wise in order for their businesses to continue reliance on Agya Koo who was often busy wasn’t the best for them.

Kumawood big men, therefore, agreed to groom new actors in the place of Agya Koo.

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