“Don’t Envy My Success” – Tracey Boakye Displays Her Three Living-rooms In Her East Legon Mansion

Tracey Boakye
Tracey Boakye
  • Tracey Boakye flaunts her first, second, and third living rooms in her famous East Legon Mansion

  • She advised her followers to be watchful in prayer and not be jealous in their lives.

Known for her penchant for displaying her East Legon estate given the least opportunity she gets, Tracey Boakye having shown her sea-blue swimming pool and a garage of exotic cars has this time around displayed all the living rooms in her mega-mansion.

Tracey Boakye cautioned her fans not to be envious of people but they should rather pray for theirs.

Don’t let anything STRESS YOU, live your life, stay away from negative things, block things that will
distract your attention, and Focus on your GOAL #hisonlychick

Tracey Boakye

Do not envy someone’s success, pray and tap into their blessings, your blessings will come in God’s own time A A A . #hisonlychick

See videos of Tracey Boakye’s livingrooms below