“Don’t Kiss And Tell”- Tracey Boakye ‘Fires’ Kwame A Plus For Leaking Her Stuff To Kennedy Agyapong

Actress Tracey Boakye meets Kwame A Plus on UTV

Kwame A Plus gets good counsel from Tracey Boakye to do better next time not to blackmail her friends to his other friends.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge when it comes to the infamous unpleasantries that happened between actress Tracey Boakye and Honourable Kennedy Agyapong, in their media banter that saw Kwame A Plus give out information about Tracey Boakye to Kennedy Agyapong

A meeting of Tracey Boakye and Kwame A Plus on UTV saw the former questioning the latter on why he leaked what happened between them several years ago.

An adamant Kwame A Plus insisted he did not ‘kiss and tell’ or any wrong by telling his friends of which Kennedy Agyapong happens to be one of them about his relationship with her because she, Tracey Boakye was his girlfriend several years ago

An intervention by Afia Schwarzenegger and one of the panelists on UTV couldn’t help Kwame A Plus to eat the humble pie and apologize to his former girlfriend Tracey Boakye on that issue.