Easy Rules On How To Overcome Procrastination And Laziness

Everyone amongst us procrastinates, is there anyone among us who does not, and that is a truth in life. It is hidden within us. We often allow too much for what we can do later.

If our current nature cannot beat procrastination, why will our future nature do it? People seem to like ways to overcome procrastination, so they can actually get down to focusing.

Here’s a quick guide.

Why we procrastinate

Let’s get down to what makes us procrastinate. The reasons are many, which are similar in various ways:
1. We want immediate satisfaction. Sleeping is thought of as nicer, at this very moment, than going on a run. Facebook is easier browsing now than getting that work you have been giving excuses for.

2. We fear the unknown. We might not have that part of our lives written in our book, because there are issues with the writing that we have not noticed yet. Fearing something makes us want to postpone, and to do something easy instead.

3. It’s easy – no bad results right now. When we were schooling and had a teacher checking up on us and correcting us if we didn’t do our work, we end up doing the work. But on reaching the house, sometimes no one would be checking up on us … so there was no rushed consequence to watching TV or enjoying games instead. Sure, that bad grade will come tomorrow, but that’s not today.

4. We underestimate our present self. Often times we have a long list of things we plan to do because we think we cannot do a lot in the present. We think it’s OK to procrastinate because we are going to do it tomorrow, for sure. Just that, our future self is also lazy and does not do it either.

Some 3 powerful things that must be said about procrastination.

1. Do what makes you happy. If you do what you are happy about oftentimes, you will less likely be tempted to postpone or put it off. Set your mind on why it excites you, instead of the bad aspects of the activity. Do this and your procrastination will begin getting lower than ever..

2. Wisely procrastinate. If you are going to put off an activity, do other productive things instead. So if you don’t want to do your work, at least get some smaller things done.

3. Procrastination is not always bad. This guide is for those who want to overcome it, feeling lazy can be beautiful sometimes. Reading things on the Internet I like isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes, give in to procrastination. But other times, you might want to get off from laziness and do something.