Every Time Motivational Message – Ghanaian Tells Captain Of Blackstars Dede Ayew He Wants Results

Ghana Blackstars
Ghana Blackstars

The senior football side Blackstars have tried their first chances at annexing the African Cup trophy in this years’ AFCON against their counterparts from Morroco.

The match which yielded a loss for the Blackstars has generated a lot of unhappiness from Ghanaian fans. Captain of the side Dede Ayew had this to say to all his fans when Ghana lost by a goal to Morroco.

Not the results we expected… but we will bounce back Friday inshallah we keep going !

It happens some Ghanaians want results and not this kind of message from a national side where a lot of money has been pumped into the competition by President Nana Akufo Addo.

Andre Dede Ayew

One mrhonesty10 replied to Dede Ayew’s message in this manner

Every time motivational message  u should have stepped aside when got injured. This is teamwork please respect that!!! Different year Same results