“Focus On His Hit Songs And Leave His Dressing Alone”- Angry Abeiku Santana ‘Fires’ Kuami Eugene’s Critics

Abeiku Santana and Kuami Eugene
  • Abeiku Santana defends Kuami Eugene with all his strength in the studios of Okay FM

  • An unamused Kuami Eugene was unperturbed about his critics knowing of Abeiku Santana’s crusade in defending all artistes of his calibre on radio

Abeiku Santana is unhappy with how a section of the public keeps criticizing Kuami Eugene in his choice of clothing on and off stage.

You would recall in the just ended VGMA awards, Kuami Eugene’s choice of clothing garnered the outcry of some of his fans.

He was ridiculed for his choice of clothing for the VGMA awards. That dress was tagged ‘washing bay attendants dress’.

Veteran media personality, Abeiku Santana has defended Kuami Eugene in the studios of Okay FM after the latter visited him in order to promote one of his latest songs.

What again should @kuamieugene wear??? Focus on his hit songs and leave his dressing alone! The artiste defender • CAPO 5

Social media reactions to Abeiku Santana’s defence of Kuami Eugene include:

What Abeiku is doing is what Akans call Gyamsere3…He is laughing in his head p33

In this country, we find joy in bad comments and disgracing the people who are working so hard. And also putting the country’s name on the map. We don’t learn how to push them and encourage them to do more. We can never be at peace with ourselves unless our fellow is down, yet we wish we deserve their hard-earned positions and achievements without doing nothing.
That’s how fucked up we are.
We focus on the unnecessaries than what’s important or what we have to do.

He dey dress like he just come from, Jolo kope. Or it’s either the dress doesn’t fit his body or the body doesn’t fit the dress, there are two things involved