‘Ghana Hard’ – Lil Win Is Sighted Buying ‘Gob3’ in Town

Lil Win eats Beans
Lil Win eats Beans

-Kumawood star, Kwadwo Nkansah aka Lil Win spotted eating beans and gari

-Fans claim for a celebrity in the likes of Lil Win to forgo all the expensive foods in the country and rather eat beans and gari shows the state of “hopelessness” the country is fighting through

Followers of Lilwin are surprised at a video that has gone viral on social media after they saw the movie star seriously chunk down on the local dish ‘Gob3’, which is gari and beans in public.

Lil Win was unequivocal by accusing the current state of Ghana’s economy as the cause for his inability to eat his favourite foods and therefore choosing to settle for beans by the roadside. He waited patiently in a line for it to be his turn to buy the food in a sighted video.

He mentioned the current state of affairs has mellowed him from a celebrity to a layman who must also queue to buy rice and beans by the roadside.

It can be mentioned that in Ghana most celebrities shield themselves from the public because of their perceived ‘high class’ status.

There is this perception on the streets of Ghana that anyone who eats gari and beans is actually cementing their tummy for the rest of the day as this food is for those who don’t have money and can carry them through the whole day.

With this perception, Lil Win’s fans were surprised their star was now a ‘broke man’. He made a mockery of his plight when he encouraged the food seller to add more gari to his beans to make it thicker.

This is his film enjoying his food.