Has Tracey Boakye Gotten Married Secretly To Papano? Did We All Miss The Ring On Her Finger?

Tracey Boakye
  • Tracey Boakye reportedly gets away from the latest addition to his favorite ‘Hisonlychick’ moniker

Tracey Boakye’s claim to fame currently is not her work as an actress, but how she brands herself as one successful socialite who has been able to make wealth by dating one business tycoon in the country.

She is not shy to mention she got her East Legon mansion and is being fully funded in her latest trips abroad by someone who benevolently lavishes wads of cash on her.

It appears Tracey Boakye is sending cryptic messages to her fans in her fashion lately which a lot of her critics and fans alike are missing- the ring on her finger.

The actress has been spotted with a ring on her finger which allegedly might confirm she has reportedly been secretly married to this man.

In the weeks ahead and things that will unfold Tracey Boakye will give credence to this ‘mystery ring’- whether it was merely a fashion accessory or she has indeed secretly tied the knot.

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