Here is What Insiders Say About 3 Steps On How To Make Extra Money

A perfect idea on how to make extra money can help you make extra income on the side and limit the effects of losing a job. Find out the 3 steps on how to make money fast when you have come up with a profitable second income idea today.

A lot more folks believe that making money on the side means you need a second job like these traditional part-time jobs when this is not supposed to be the case.

A good on the side income idea can even help you make money without having to suffer. (i.e., money that comes to you without having to work hard to make). It’s just a matter of having the correct procedures and being dedicated to building that extra money.

To begin, you need to find that second income idea.

First Step: Look for perfect extra income ideas

Often people make this important step way too difficult, usually because they are searching for ways that are smart and different. If that is your plan, that is good, but that is not the first step in itself to make money.

An observation that I have made is that, a lot of rich business owners work as carpenters, mechanics and other services. etc. Which are also called “dull-normal” industries:

If your are in the game to make money, you can simply refine ways and ideas that are already in existence. You don’t have to always have an original idea in order to succeed.

What you need to do:

Find a piece of paper. You can also use a text document either on your phone or laptop. Get all those ideas written down on paper. Make you succeed in coming up with 10 or more ideas.

The key to finding the idea:

Begin by checking the key areas in your life- Those things you do from day-to-day. These are the main areas to have a look at: blogs you visit regularly, skills you have, your hobbies, books and magazines you read often.

After you have come up with your extra income ideas, you now have to look for people who are willing to pay for what you love to do.

Step 2: Check your ideas

This second step is very important that a lot of people miss the point. I have witnessed the results from doing away with this step happen time and again: People who are trying to find out why they are not making any money on the side, after starting their businesses, months ago.

I will tell you the reason: Their idea was not good to start with.

You are not going to go the same path. Rather, you will make time to be certain your second income idea is the best to run with.

To determine this, take the paper that has your ideas written on it and write down beside each idea who would pay you for each service you offer.

    • Is your idea “social media consultant for a news company”? A news agent would pay for that.
    • Is your idea “career consultant for youths”? Twenty-somethings looking for work would pay for that.
      Once you have that done, then ask yourself two basic questions:
    • Is my potential customer willing and able to pay me for my service?
  • Am I willing and capable to provide this service?

You will find your ideas where these two questions meet.

So take “social media consultant for a news company.” Will a news company be able to pay? Of course yes.

Are they in the position to pay money for a social media consultant? Probably yes. News companies do care about social media. This is one of the main forms they market themselves.

Once you have your second income idea selected, now it’s time for the part I like best. Finding your first client.

Step 3: Find your first client

After you are satisfied you have a second income idea, it is now time to begin to make your ideas to work for you — and this is done through finding your first customer.

While it may seem a huge task to begin marketing your skills, this is pretty easy if you have the right plans already in plans in place.