How Agya Koo Nearly Became Blind Because Of Shooting Of Movies In The Night

Agya Koo
  • Agya Koo goes deep in revealing why he was nowhere to be found when it came to shooting movies at the night.

  • He goes on to mention the luminosity of lighting on set during movie scenes at the night was unbearable.

Veteran comic actor Agya Koo has continued to downplay accusations that he has himself to blame for his current dip in appearance in movie latest movie features.

In a short interview with De Unpredictable on Angel FM’s entertainment show in Kumasi, Agya Koo mentioned his health as being one of the reasons he wasn’t available during his prime during night scenes.

He brushed off accusations that his past arrogant nature and he being full of himself because of his popularity years ago was the reason movie producers agreed to sideline him for other actors.

Agya Koo
Agya Koo

Agya Koo said,

“I was going blind from the high beam lights used in shooting movies at night so I  stopped shooting night scenes. I realised these lights were giving me eye aches.