How Can I Impress My Boyfriend’s Parents? How You Should Not Dress To Meet Them

Coming face to face with your beloved’s parents first time ever can be a nervous thing to go through -but a happy moment. This often shows, going the next level in a relationship and, very well if the bond between your beloved and his parents are tight. It could show he is looking for their opinion before making a firm decision on you for the future.  

What should you wear

Yes you want to leave a good feel of admiration and respect on them, but it is also good not to hide your true self. Be yourself, importantly. Remember how you dress is a non-verbal way of communication to everyone.  It is your signature speech to the world by sight. So dressing badly speaks louder of who you are than you can ever give a thought of.  

Here are the things you should not do if you want to impress your beloved’s parents. And how you should not dress to meet them

Do not be problematic

Having your own beliefs is very crucial, but on the other side determine how what you believe in affects the lasting impression it would have on beloved’s parents. Avoid always any dress that show controversies like clubs, political party colours and social clubs they do not belong to.  Imagine the problem it might create for you, if your boyfriend’s parents belong to X party and hate Y party, but you dress in Y party shirt when you meet them for the first time. To stay clear of all such issues, just don’t be problematic by wearing any such dress. 

Dress for the location and occasion             

You must have an idea of where you would be meeting the parents before the said day of appointment. You do not only want to impress them, you want to be pleasant in what you dress in. Dressing well for the occasion and location is very critical.  Don’t wear a night gown for an afternoon lunch with them. No exposed undergarments, stained clothing, tattered jeans, overly manicure — these visual signals may be seen as ‘immature’ or ‘irresponsible.'”               

Anything meant for partying     

Even if you have the hottest, newest, nicest clothes in your wardrobe, just don’t wear your partying dress to meet your boyfriend’s parents. This includes mini skirts, skin tight dress, revealing dress- net dress or shorts. This gives the impression you are not confident and rather want attention. Parents want the best for their children, and you dressing that way shows you may not be faithful to their kid- An attention seeker. Your dress should show reliability, womanliness and loyalty.                                                             

Use perfume moderately                                                                  

Yes, you want to smell like heaven in addition to having a good appearance when you meet the parents, but too much of everything is bad. You will be in their memory as the lady with strong perfume who is trying too hard to impress. Some people are allergic to strong scents. Play it safe. Use perfume sparingly else you stand to lose that unforgettable hug, because his parents may not be able to stand your strong perfume.  

Don’t put on all your jewellery                                                            

As a matter of fact, the best jewellery you can wear is a smile. Been too flashy can be a distraction. Yes, best to avoid that.  

Too much makeup                                                                     

Wearing makeup can be a cool tool, that can make you look bold. Don’t overdo your makeup. Your face is not a canvas for painting. Avoid bright colours that you normally wear when you meet your friends.   

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