How Osei Kwame Despite Made All His Money Finally Revealed

Osei Kwame Despite

What do you make of rich people and how do they acquire their wealth? Osei Kwame from his humble beginning has acquired so much wealth that one cannot even think of how he became so wealthy.

People often ask themselves what are the keys to becoming wealthy? A lot of people daydream about this. We are going to talk about the secret that got the owner of Peace FM, UTV and other businesses spread across the length and breadth of Ghana, Osei Kwame Despite so wealthy.

The life of Osei Kwame Despite has it that he began selling the now obsolete music cassettes after investing money that he got from his shoemaking business. His humility from those humble beginnings has shot him up to his current state as the owner of the Despite Group of Companies which has subsidiary companies like UTV, Okay FM, Hello FM, Neat FM etc. He is into real estate, beverage making etc.

Now we go back to the question what is the true source of Osei Kwame Despite’s wealth? The secret behind the millionaire’s success is how he loves to give. He has given to widows, the needy, built a modern-day hospital block for children in the 37 Military Hospital. He also built a police block for the Tesano Police. His donations and philanthropic work have blessed thousands.

This is the secret to how Osei Kwame Despite made all his money.