How The First YouTube Gold Play Button Arrived In Ghana Courtesy Wode Maya

Wode Maya

Young and accomplished Ghanaian vlogger Wode Maya aka Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon has set a new record for himself in the social media world.

Having started his YouTube channel when he was a foreign student in China a few years ago, Wode Maya has been able to amass a lot of subscribers on the social media video platform YouTube more than any Ghanaian currently.

YouTube has sent Wode Maya a Gold Play Button for accomplishing the feat of having 1 million subscribers to his channel. Wode Maya who was happy when he picked this button

Wode Maya announced.

“My YouTube Gold Play Button finally landed in Accra Ghana🇬🇭 I might be carrying it on my head everywhere I go since it’s the first one in the country Thank You @youtube !Welcome home & enjoy your stay in Ghana🇬🇭”

Wode Maya

Wode Maya’s luck doesn’t end there as the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki congratulated him on his achievement.