How to earn money from Google AdSense

$100 a day with Google AdSense. There’s no experience required. You can start today. I’m also going to show you how to drive traffic to your different websites, and blogs so that  you can have people clicking on your ads. You can make as much money as possible using these methods.

1. Start a website or blog if you already don’t have one

i. Get hosting for your website or blog

The first step is to make sure that you have a website or blog. Now if you don’t have one. The very first thing is to make sure you have a host somewhere, where you can host a website or blog and a great place to go for that is over here at 

Hosting on Namecheap is relatively cheap. But don’t get all caught up on the price right now, because in this post I am going to show you different ways you can place your ads and so you can make money, and have the website pay for itself over and over again.

ii. Install WordPress Content Management System

Once you have a hosting account, you can install WordPress. WordPress is a content management system. It’s what most blogs use out there to manage who posts, images, pages etc. You can go over to and download WordPress from there, or install it directly in the cPanel of your host account. 

Nowadays, most host websites make it easy in the Softaculous section in their cPanel for you to get WordPress running for your website. Softaculous lets you focus on using applications rather than spending tons of time on installing them. There are pretty simple guidelines to follow in order to have it installed onto your website. 

iii. Get Google AdSense friendly theme

The next step is to go over to Google, and type in traffic arbitrage WordPress theme. Just like it says right here, and then you can have a huge list of different resources and websites that are going to display in Google search. Which are going to show you the best AdSense optimized WordPress themes that are out.

You want to choose a theme that’s designed for AdSense, just to make sure that you get the most clicks possible. There are people out there right now making one dollar per click. Yes, when someone comes to your website, and if they see an ad and click on it, you can earn a dollar. One of the great reasons to use a WordPress theme that’s designed for AdSense revenue is because they are designed in a certain way that will help you get the most clicks as possible.

iv. Install widgets

Install different widgets or gadgets onto your website or blog. What happens is that, when you join different ad networks that are out there. Widgets or gadgets will allow you to place a piece of code inside of your WordPress installation, and that will display different articles that go to other websites from your website.

The cool thing is, you can make 1 or more dollars for every single click, and for every time someone clicks on those different articles from those different widgets that you have on your different pages or posts. This is another great way to make income on your blog. Aside from the different ads that you have, you can also link to other articles that make you money as well. 

v. Monetize your blog with other ad networks apart from Google AdSense

You can use Google AdSense, and it works really well, but after doing some research. There are some other ad networks out there that pay you even more. Some of them are:, Propellerads, Taboola,, Outbrain etc. Head over there and register with them. They all have different terms before accepting your website for it to display ads from them. Some have pretty strict terms and conditions or publisher guidelines. 

If you’re hosting a website or blog you are going to be a publisher. Apply as a publisher. Once you get accepted by these ad networks, they give you some codes that you can place on your website. Every time someone clicks on those ads, you get paid.  


2. Get traffic to your website

Let’s talk about how to get traffic to your different websites and. I can post ads on my blog but how do I get people to actually go to my blog and to click on the different ads.

I want to show you some of the best methods that I know of for getting massive amounts of traffic to websites and blogs, so people will see your ads, and they will click on them. Then you can make money. Your priority should be to provide quality content first. 

i. Guest posting

So one of the ways to do this is to be a guest poster on another blog. What this means is that, you’re going to have a website out there or blog that’s already established. It’s already popular, it gets thousands of views every single day. So what you’re going to do is write an article and submit it to one of these popular websites. When they post the article on their website a lot of people are going to see it. You can include a link back to your website and get views from those who click on the link. When they see the content on your website, it is likely they may click on your different ads. 

What guest posting is

I’d recommend going over to Google search and type in sites to guest post. When you do this, you will find a huge list there. So when you click on one of these links, you might find a website that will allow you to choose a category of something around a topic or a hobby that you know more about. You would write something about that topic or whatever your blog or website is about. This is how to find guest bloggers.

What’s the topic of your website? Is it a health blog? Is it a blog about gardening? When you decide on the type of topic that your blog is about, then you would go out there and look for different blogs that allow you to submit a guest post that are in relation to the same topic that your blog is about.

This is a great way to get started. If you don’t have any traffic at all, guest posting is a powerful way to submit posts to these different websites and people visiting back your website. 

ii. Add share button to social media sites below your posts

Another thing that you can do is to include a button or a link on your blog posts that say click to tweet, share to WhatsApp or any other social media site. This is powerful because it is going to create sort of a snowball effect. 

What does this mean? So let’s just say that there is a blog post that you have, and if you scroll down on the post. There’s a little link at the bottom of that blog post, if someone read the post and liked the content, or found it valuable. They could share it to their Twitter, Facebook or other social media handles for their audience or family to also see. 


Callouts: Let them take action in order to share your blog posts

At the end of your post, you can say “hey if you like what you saw here on my blog then please click on the WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter icon to share”. If you clicked on any of them, it will open up a new window for you to go right over to Twitter or any of the preferred social media icons you wanted to share to. 

What this means is that if somebody sees this tweet, and they click on the link that goes back to my blog post. Well, then that person might click to tweet as well so you can see how the cycle starts from here, and this can create sort of like a snowball effect. 

It just makes it a lot easier in all of this stuff in making money with a blog. You can also make money with Google AdSense without a website. Check that out if you have different strategy in monetising your online presence.