How to make more money fast

If you have some time on your side, and you would like to make genuine money quickly, there are a lot of plans to take into account. Here are top fast money strategies that are worth your time, if you want to make immediate cash

1. Hold porch sale

If you have a porch or garage and a lot of unused things to sell, you can have such sale as soon as tomorrow.By placing sale adverts on a Facebook group or timeline, you can easily do away with paid advertisement and keep all of the profits for yourself.

2. Offer to babysit

If you are good with children, you can add taking care of children as a side work whiles their parents or guardians are away. To get people who are interested, send a Whatsapp group message talking about your services, or speak to family and friends about this undertaking.

3. Put our computer knowledge to work on

If you have any online skill, you can sell that service on While a company like Fiverr will charge you $5 minimum for their service, you will get more money once your services increase over time.

4. Sell stuff online

If you have quality but affordable stuff to sell, there are online marketplaces you can use. Make sure you know the charges that come with your sale and make the effort. Where community Facebook pages, Craigslist, OLX and Tonaton ads are free, many other online marketplaces put fees on ads or require you to share a percentage when you make a sale.

5. Recycle unused electronic device or scrap metal

Different types of scrap metal can be exchanged for cash in several places in the country. However, how much you will gain depends a lot on where you reside. Scrap metals often traded for cash include aluminium and copper.

6. Set up a roadside stand

 If you live close to a busy street, you can make more money fast, by setting up a roadside stand. You could buy bags of sachet water or boxes of bottled water, put sprinkle ice on them, and sell them to pedestrians for twice what it cost you.

7. Sell old handouts, pamphlets or textbooks. 

If you completed tertiary institution recently, you might be able to turn your old books to fast money. It is not like you have to use your old books again. Sell your university notes. If you paid attention in class and took brilliant notes, you could sell them for immediate money.

8. Become a part-time teacher in your spare time. 

 Subject teachers and recent graduates may have little problem in teaching others in their free time- and earn more money – and earning money in the process.