How To Make Someone Happy When They Are Depressed

Just had an idea to share with you list of things to think about. This post does not go into details, but more of things to think about for the better part of the day on how to make someone happy when they are depressed.

Helping someone with depression is one of the best ways to have a great day yourself. It can light up your own world.

This list is just to spark some ideas, and please note that not every item on this list is appropriate for every person in your life. I trust you to figure out which actions go with which people.

How to support someone with depression.
Just smile more at them

Give them a hand to carry something.

Don’t forget to send a thank-you message

Call just to see how they are getting on.

Cook them a meal.

Tell a wise joke and laugh till your eyes begin to drip in tears.

Write a letter to a loved one.

Share with them a cherished book

Praise them openly.

Thank them for a good job well done.

Listen when they speak.

Be there for them when they need you.

Offer a free hug.

Spend quality time with them

Don’t forget to say I love you.

Be proud of them.

Write down the things you love about them.

Secretly leave them to thank you notes.

Love them, totally.

Be happy yourself.