“I Am Blessed To Have You As My Baby Daddy”- Inside Beverly Afaglo’s Marriage With Choirmaster

Beverly Afaglo

  • Beverly Afaglo sings the praises of her husband, Choirmaster of Praye fame.

  • The actress reminisces on fond moments of the anytime she gave birth and how her husband, Choirmaster played the role of a father to perfection.

Fathers’ Day is a big day on the yearly calendar, it is time to celebrate all fathers globally, for their roles in nurturing their children with good morals, etc.

Ghanaian actress, Beverly Afaglo has dished out all the good words that she can find in her personal dictionary to her husband Choirmaster of the defunct music group, Praye.

The actress enumerated instances where her celebrity husband, Choirmaster assisted her with their babies.

In Beverly Afaglo’s captured words.

“I just read a post that took me down memory lane …… This man right here made motherhood so easy for me. From pregnancy exercises and daily walks to Late nights of breastfeeding to putting them to sleep. I remember after breastfeeding, my babies will never sleep, that’s the time they want to play at 2 am daddy will just take over and leave me to sleep and the next time I hear my baby crying is for the next feeding cos I don’t even realize when they come back to bed  He loves babysitting his children so it gave me room to be single again almost immediately after childbirth Daddy yo I can’t count the many times u hv exhibited great fatherhood. Your children idolize u and am blessed to have u as my baby daddy Best Daddy Bestest husband @choirmastergh_ …. Happy Fathers Day”

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