I Am Soaking Your Cane In Kerosene Waiting For Your Whipping- Gifty Anti ‘Warns’

Gifty Anti

Gifty Anti has expressed her unhappiness with some of her fans on social media who refuse to say hello to her when she is in town.

Gifty Anti encouraged them to come to her in a jovial way. She mentioned they can’t come online to say all the nice things to her but they would rather pass her by in town when they meet her.

Gifty Anti wrote,

My people,
You can not come to this page and call me ‘mummy’, sister, etc and see me in town and feel shy or afraid to say hello  What is your problem?
I am soaking your cane in kerosene waiting for your whipping.
Please don’t do that. I don’t bite
Don’t let my Friday thing come today
Have a beautiful day my dearies because you are beautiful

The veteran media personality then shared beautiful photos with her cute daughter in preparation for this year’s celebration of Independence Day.

Gifty Anti

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