I Don’t Want To Have A Wedding Anymore With Him- Young Woman Cries

My husband and I secretly got married almost 2 years ago without the knowledge of our families.

We are currently planning to have our public wedding in October this year. Of late the idea of having a public wedding scares me up to bits.

I love him deeply and the idea is not that I don’t want to marry him publicly for all the world to see this wedlock between him and me.

The plain truth is that I am not close with any of my family members, and I have little to no friends. Our guest list from hindsight will be made up of almost all his family members and friends.

I have one or two mentors and their children coming(that’s how I took up some of the guest list).

It appears like a very costly event to host where just a few people are there for me and all are for him.

I am already sad and appear will feel sadder on the wedding day.

What do I do?  as he says we have already planned it doesn’t make sense to cancel