“I Love Ghanaian Men, They Don’t Cheat On Their Women”- Benedicta Gafah Has Unexpected Connection With Men

Benedicta Gafah

Benedicta Gafah declares her undying love for Ghanaian men.

A cursory look on social media lately in dating or married groups in which most Ghanaians are in will give you a snapshot of the sort of vilification that Ghanaian men receive from some ladies lately.

This is believed to have arisen from the ‘fake’ social media life that is happening often. Actress Benedicta Gafah however thinks differently about Ghaianain men, in a sighted post on social media, the lovely actress praised Ghanaian men for being so loyal to their women.

I love Ghanaian men,they don’t cheat on their women

With her exposure as an actress who has traveled to several countries like Nigeria and the rest for work, Benedicta Gafah can be said to have attested to how loyal Ghanaian men are when compared with men in places that she has been to before.

One of Benedicta Gafah’s followers,jedisnprince didn’t share in the actress’ opinion. He wrote, ”
So na which country di show show we how for cheat for Cameroon through their films. Na Ukraine?”



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