“I Regret Going In For A Baby Mama”- Young Man Tells His Sad Story

My people, I feel like ending my life right now. I followed this lady who already had a daughter. All plans to marry her, she will make excuses.

Now I also have a son with her. This lady makes life hard for me. She behaves like she alone gave birth to our son and as if I’m not his biological father. She takes decisions without consulting me.

Worse of it is that this lady is now into the business I do. We live in the same neighborhood. I taught her my business thinking she will join forces with me.

She tells my customers my products are expensive and they come n tell me. She has collected all my customers from existing to new. Now I have nothing left. When I open my office, not even one person enters.

But they troop in at her place. Our shops are closed. When I met her she was jobless being fed by her mother. Now when I go for meetings or bidding, I see her, and she is all over the place.

Sometimes I bow my head in shame cos some of my business partners don’t even want to do business with me cos she is giving them what I normally supply them with. If I tell u more u will cry for me.

Confusion in my line of business now. Losing suppliers to her. I’m now broke like a church rat. She called me last night to tell me that our son will start school soon and that she is giving me a chance to be able to pay my son’s fees and that she doesn’t want to take that from me.

I’ve been broken by the words she told me. My ppl, she won’t even let me decide which school my son will attend oo. She is now my boss. Lol. Forgive my typo. I’m drunk paaaa.

I regret going in for a baby mama. I swear!!! I don’t know what I did wrong. When we started I used all my money to take care of her daughter. Now the father is in her life n this woman treats me like I’m hopeless

From an Anonymous member in one of our Facebook groups. 

What must he do about his situation? 

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