“I Want To Marry Jackie Appiah” – Don Little Proposes To Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah and Don Little

Don Little and Jackie Appiah are found on a movie set brewing one special movie for their fans together with their team.

Kalsoume Sinare Baffoe mediates for Don Little as the diminutive actor mentions his plans for Jackie Appiah.

Don Little is currently living his larger than life dream with one of his ambitions being tying the knot in marriage with veteran actress Jackie Appiah.

A side conversation in a movie set saw Don Little, Jackie Appiah and Kalsoume Sinare Baffoe engage in one hilarious but serious topic from all intents of it. They spoke about Don Little wanting a relationship with Don Little.

Don Little and Jackie Appiah

Kalsoume Sinare Baffoe mediated quizzed Don Little about his intentions for Jackie Appiah with the diminutive actor admitting it was his wish.

See the video below.

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