If I Were The Government In Power I Will Sack All Teachers On Strike-Nana Yeboah Unhappy With Teachers

Nana Yeboah

Kumawood’s comic actor, Nana Yeboah has added his opinion on the state of teachers in the country. You will recall most of the teacher unions in the country are currently on strike over what they term poor conditions of service.

They are currently asking the government to increase their COLA-Cost of Living Allowance else they wouldn’t go back to the classrooms to teach the kids.

This according to Nana Yeboah is a shameful act for the teachers to do. The actor believed during the lockdown no government teacher was in the classroom to teach these kids, but they were handsomely paid by the government for not working so why must teachers go on strike now when times are tough economically.

Nana Yeboah passionately said if he were the government of Ghana he will gladly sack all these striking teachers, and employ SHS students to teach the kids because he believed teachers have nothing to show for work but keep demanding undeserved salaries.


davelynselco If he knows how teaching is difficult anka he won’t be saying what he is saying

queen_shebaiii You can’t speak impeccable English (don’t come and @ me that english isn’t our language) to save your life yet you want to disrespect teachers. Teacher’s haven’t been treated fairly for a very long time. It’s as if they don’t exist. If the president can say things that demean being a teacher that, should tell us how leadership in governance feels about teaching. They should be treated fairly in the same measure as nurses and doctors. After all, all professional boasts but a teacher taught them all. They should put some respect on teaching!!  This very schmo in the video does acting, trolling and skit for money and that’s his professional. If he’s earning money by doing such videos and all this nonsense then, good for him. He should allow teachers to also vent about their frustrations. If he feels he knows doggone much about teaching, he can home-school his kids. If it’s easy, try am! Wotsir d3 shoe with your bleaching-smeagol-face