If You’re Dating Two Or More People At The Same Time, You’re Very Wicked- Rev Francis Agyin Asare

Francis Agyin Asare and his wife
Francis Agyin Asare and his wife
  • Francis Agyin Asare goes after cheats in relationships.

  • The man of God calls people who do double or multiple dating wicked.

Reverend Francis Agyin Asare of Perez Chapel International has labeled people who date more than a person wicked.

In modern-day where people deem it an achievement when they are with more than one person, it goes against the beliefs of Reverend Francis Agyin Asare.

You would see people busily professing commitment to one person but they are at the same time in bed with another.

This is how Francis Agyin Asare put it,

If you’re dating two or more people at the same time, you’re very wicked!
Stop it today!

Reverend Francis Agyin Asare thus hates and abhors double dating.