“I’m Proud To Be A Pastor’s Kid” – Rev Francis Agyinasare Says Confidently

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and his son Francis Agyinasare

How sweet is it for your child to lavish praises on you as a parent?

So has Francis Agyinasare the son of Archbishop Charles of Agyinasare and Rev. Mrs. Vivian Agyinasare done for his parents.

The young preacher man whose love for social media in propagating the gospel of Christ knows no bounds shared good moments of the nuclear family together in apostolic robes fit for the Pope in the Vatican City.

He was also thankful to his parents for nurturing them in Christianity. His grand conclusion was about the fact that he is proud to be a pastor’s kid.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and his family

Parents, your children are watching you  Can they follow you?
I’m Francis Agyinasare, son of His Grace Archbishop Charles Agyinasare and Rev. Mrs Vivian Agyinasare, and brother to Bishop Dr. Selaise Esar Agyinasare.
There’s nothing better than a godly and ecclesiastical heritage. Glory to God
I’m proud to be a pastor’s kid  #proudtobeapk

The young preacher is a dreamer and he is generous in sharing his episodes of dreams that God shows to him with the world, and on his social media accounts oftentimes.

Together the Agyinasare family head one of the biggest churches in Ghana- Perez Chapel International