It Is Not Everyone Who Deserves Your Help In This Life- Kwaku Manu ‘Cries’

Kwaku Manu
  • Kwaku Manu speaks his heart out to his fans emotionally

  • The Kumawood star asks his fans to know who they help in this life.

Kwaku Manu in a short recorded video spotted on his Instagram account has offered to counsel all his admirers. Translating from the Twi language in which he spoke he said,

“I fear anyone who is in need by this time. Be very careful. It is good to help those in need but it is not everyone who deserves your help. So be very alert. “

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Having given this advice to his fans, some of them had different opinions about the statements in this short video made by Kwaku Manu. Some were quick to add that the Kumawood actor was also helped once by someone so he should quit spreading bad energy.

U go talk dis norr people won’t help the poor agian..e die gyimi kasa nono

Some of his other fans also agreed to his word of advice one had this story to tell Kwaku Manu

Heeeerh. I took a guy who don’t have documents to work for me, I got covid for two weeks came back only to lose my job because he gossip to the manager and got my position.

Hmmmm I said the same thing this morning to a friend🔥🔥🔥🔥

When you judge from Kwaku Manu’s emotions with which he dished out this word of advice to his fans one can only say he might have been stabbed in the back recently by someone dear to him.