Jackie Appiah Rents Her Apartments For As High As $2,000 A Month Insider Gives Full Details

Jackie Appiah
  • Jackie Appiah is into real estate and rents her apartments in Labone and Cantonments for as high as $2,000 a month.

  • Colleague actor, Fred Nuamah defends her lavish house which was made public a few days ago.

With the meager monies made by actors in the country, and how the movie industry has collapsed, eyebrows were raised when photos and videos of Jackie Appiah’s expensively decored mansion hit the internet.

Reports questioned what she did aside from acting that enabled her to build such a mansion and fill it with all the enviable accessories that even politicians can’t match her exotic taste in all the splendor and magnificence her house exuded.

Film director, producer, and actor Fred Nuamah has come out to defend Jackie Appiah by giving details about the latter given how private she is and the fuss she avoids in her private life.

According to the founder of Ghana Movie Awards, Fred Nuamah in a short interview with Abeiku Santana, Jackie Appiah unlike her colleagues in showbiz has never rented before because she lived permanently in her mother’s house.

This opportunity afforded her the ability to invest her monies into real estate several years ago. She is now reaping the fruits of her real estate business.

Fred Nuamah went on to say Jackie Appiah whose apartments are in prime areas in Accra- Cantonments, and Labone can charge up to $2,000 a month for residency in her apartments.

There is nothing untoward about Jackie Appiah’s mansion according to Fred Nuamah because she believes Jackie Appiah is a smart investor who reinvested rents monies she received from her apartments into building her own mansion.