Kumawood Actors Ignored Me When I Was On The Sick Bed- Michael Afrane Unhappy With His Colleagues

Michael Afrane and Agya Koo

Veteran Kumawood star Michael Afrane has raised his concerns about his colleagues in the movie industry.

According to Michael Afrane when he was down with sickness none of his colleagues in the movie industry visited him or said any word of encouragement to him. He spoke out when he appeared on the Youtube channel Paupaushew TV.

Michael Afrane mentioned his colleagues in Kumawood cannot say they didn’t know about his predicament because when he became sick he had the information posted on social media. He admitted most of his fans and friends reached out to him unlike his colleagues in the local movie industry -Kumawood.

Michael Afrane

Michael Afrane was quick to add that the inability for the local movie industry to bounce back to its former glory is because of the unconcerned attitudes that actors show to themselves when they are in dire conditions.

Michael Afrane has featured in movies that had top stars like Kwaku Manu, Nana Ama McBrown, Agya Koo, Akrobeto etc.