Kyeiwaa’s First Day In Aeroplane That She Can Never Forget According To Her

Rose Atta Mensah aka Kyeiwaa

We all remember with happiness little milestones that happened in our lives some time back, Rose Akua Attaa Mensah aka Kyeiwaa popularly in movie circles has revealed one of these types of milestones in her life.

Kyeiwaa has revealed her first time of traveling in an airplane several years ago.

Kyeiwaa looked pretty young in this photo. She wore a black inner shirt and a jeans vest when she took this photograph.

Spotted in this photo behind Kyeiwaa is Mr. Beatiful aka Clement Bonney. The youthfulness of the duo shows this photo is quite old when you look at how they have changed my appearance today.


Rose Akua Atta Mensah put this in epic caption,

God has been good ! My first day in an aeroplane

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