“Living The Good Life With The Taxes of The Innocent Ghanaian” – Tracey Boakye Gets ‘Accused’

Tracey Boakye
Tracey Boakye
  • Tracey Boakye’s love for showing off her boss-lady lifestyle is not going down anytime soon.

  • She gets accused of flaunting too much wealth on social media.

Hate or love her Tracey Boakye doesn’t really care anymore. She used to respond to attacks on her anytime she has the slightest opportunity to do so. Tracey Boakye served her fans with her first-class Emirates flight which has gotten fans talking.

Her latest video has generated opinions with netizens advising others to be respectful of her lady boss lifestyle while others believed she is living the larger-than-life lifestyle from the country’s taxes.

Reactions on Tracey Boakyes video


So those of u that like saying all sorts of means things to this lady please don’t u know she will be emotional traumatize. This is total bullying u know. Am not her fan but I really feel bad to see u guys insults her, she has feelings too u know. Just take it easy on her, u wouldn’t want ur sister to be treated like this. Please let’s be nice to humanity.


Living the good life with the taxes of the innocent Ghanaian…Politicians worry we oh