Meet Abeiku Santana’s Daughter Who Has Grown Up So Fast; He Shares A Rare Photo Of Her

  • Abeiku Santana celebrates his pretty daughter on her birthday.

  • The media personality shares a throwback photo of himself and his daughter when she was just a little girl.

For his youthful looks, you might clearly miss the point on how old Abeiku Santana is if one takes a keen look at his daughter’s age.

Well, you can say Abeiku Santana gave birth to his daughter early that is why the daughter has reached adulthood at a time when his dad is still in his prime.

It is all joy for dad, Abeiku Santana as he takes to the internet to celebrate his little girl who has now become an adult.

An old photo of him and his daughter saw him holding this once little girl in his arms as the father and daughter smiled at the camera.

Abeiku Santana had this going for his offspring.

Welcome to the edge of adulthood Happy Birthday my Princess


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