Meet Akrobeto’s Son Who Has A Larger Nose Than Him And Stays Abroad – Video

Akrobeto's son Kwei Boadi
Akrobeto and son

A rare video of sensational Kumawood actor Akwasi Boadi aka ‘Akrobeto”s son who lives abroad in Belgium has made its way onto social media.

This video is causing waves given the similarity in looks between the identified son, Kweku Boadi, and his father Akrobeto.

Kweku Boadi is a carbon copy in looks to his father.

He was caught on a short video on the Instagram page of Ghanaian blogger and vlogger ZionFelix when he made a trip to Belgium. Until now little is known of Akrobeto’s children.

When quizzed as to being the son of the famous Kumawood actor, Akrobeto he answered in the positive. Without any shadow of doubt Kweku Baodi is undeniably the chip of the old block. The nose alone speaks a lot about the fact that they are related by blood.

Kweku Boadi lives in Gent, Belgium. This is where he met ZionFelix.