Kumawood: Meet Tracey Boakye’s Mother Who Doesn’t Look Like Her At All

Tracey Boakye
  • Tracey Boakye shows a unique photo with her pretty mum

  • A collage of her as a grown-up, and also as a baby with her mum proves blood is indeed thicker than water.

Call her a braggart, East Legon landlady, the owner of the latest ‘tear-rubber’ Lexus SUV all will not wash down well with Tracey Boakye if you want to win her heart.

Tracey Boakye’s favorite moniker is her self-acclaimed “Hisonlychick”.

With her gradual social media activities, one can foretell Tracey Boakye might end up being a socialite and quit her acting business in the near future.

A rare photo of the actress and her mother has taken people by surprise.

In this photo collage of mum and daughter, when she was a little baby, and an all-grown-up lady, one can easily say that Tracey Boakye looks nowhere like her mum, respectfully. They are pretty in their own way.

Tracey Boakye is taller and bigger than her youthful mum whose beauty wasn’t missed by her daughter’s loyal fans. Tracey Boakye

Some fans had comments going for Tracey Boakye’s mother.

Your mom is still looking young and beautiful

At this moment I’ll choose your mom over you

Wow forever young beautiful mother you have

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