“More Children And Understanding”- Tracey Boakye Continues To Get Epic Messages Even After Marriage

Tracey Boakye and Husband Frank Badu Ntiamoah

For her larger-than-life ways, Tracey Boakye has branded herself very well neither not as an ordinary actress nor businesswoman, but as a social media icon.

Tracey Boakye and husband Frank Badu Ntiamoah continue to receive massive support from their fans for several days even after tying the knot in holy matrimony.

A short check on the actress’ timelines continues to bring home the fact that she is beloved by many.

Here are some of the epic messages Tracey Boakye continues to get in her marriage.

Enjoy ur marriage and more children and understanding … happiness be ur portion…my look like…

You two deserve each other. May God bless your marriage.

When God hides you and the boom brings you out…. your enemies get the shock of their life they can never recover from. Onipa ani baa neho so no