More Info On Akrobeto’s 2nd Son Who Graduated University of Ghana Comes Up

Akrobeto and his Kwaku Kyere Boadi
Akrobeto and his Kwaku Kyere Boadi
  • More information was received of ace actor Akrobeto’s second son who recently graduated from the University of Ghana

  • Details of Akrobeto’s second son come up as the father for the first time speaks about his sons on the radio.

For the longest span of time little was known of the immediate family of Kumawood actor, Akrobeto until now. We couldn’t hide our happiness when details of his sons popped up on social media.

His first son, Kwaku Kyere Boadi lives permanently in Genk, Belgium needs no introduction for one to know he is the offspring of Akrobeto.

They look keenly similar with their signature nose. Blood is really thicker than water for the Boadis.

Akrobeto's son Kwei Boadi
Akrobeto and son

Akrobeto has now let the cat out of the bag in a short interview with Abeiku Santana on his radio program. When quizzed about his children, Akrobeto excitedly said his second son excelled by getting Second Class Upper from the University of Ghana. His son is actively working as we speak.

Probed further about the course his son studied, he said he preferred to keep that information to himself and unless the son is rather asked that question.

With the way Akrobeto was kinda dodging some of the questions it is apparent he wouldn’t have come out publicly on his sons had ZionFelix not interviewed his son Kwaku Kyere Boadi in Genk, Belgium on his blind side.