More Trouble For Twene Jonas As Diamond Appiah Warns Him Of What Hopeson Adorye Can Do

Twene Jonas Hopeson Adorye Diamond Appiah
Twene Jonas Hopeson Adorye Diamond Appiah
  • Diamond Appiah praises Hopeson Adorye in what she believes he has done a good job for the big men in the country

  • Asks her Instagram followers to follow the husband to gospel musician, Empress Gifty

Politician and New Patriotic Party member, Hopeson Adorye has been showered with praises by musician, Diamond Appiah for his heroic deeds in fishing out Twene Jonas, who some believe is currently the most infamous Ghanaian living in the United States of America.

You will recall a few days ago, Hopeson Adorye came out with a short video on his trip to the United States of America. In this video which was shared on his Facebook page, he mentioned Twene Jonas has been sacked from his work and is currently lodging with one benevolent man of God in the United States of America.

Twene Jonas is famous for bashing all political figures and any leader in the country for their wanton misappropriation of public funds in his homeland, Ghana. This act has set him up against politicians who find his insults on them in his hideout in faraway USA unwelcome.

His show of lavish lifestyle and better life in the USA as against the poor state of affairs in Ghana has set him up against political figures like Hopeson Adorye to go fish him out with this latest information of his so-called, ‘fake life”. Hopeson Adorye ridiculed his joblessness and homelessness and dared him to come out if the picture he is painting as someone who is living a better life in the USA is true.

Hopeson Adorye’s ability to get this information on Twene Jonas is the reason, Diamond Appiah is praising him and goes on to call him a great leader.

Diamond Appiah wrote on social media, “Good evening Ghana, I want you all to meet the OFFICIAL UNCLE of the Maf..ia Gang, Hon. Hopeson @hopesonadorye ..Kindly follow him and always remember dat if u Mess with any one of us, he will come after u like a Lion. Uncle we Love u #Mafia Gang for life 🔥🔥🔥”