Mr. Beautiful ‘Fights’ Movie Producer For Removing His Photo From A Movie Poster

A lot has been said about the banter that went on between Mr. Beautiful aka Clement Bonney and one movie producer- Famous

Mr. Beaufitul who featured in the much talked about galamsey dubbed movie- ‘Galamsey’ made his intentions known to him for the omission of his photo from the movie poster, unlike his colleague actors.

This led to a confrontation between him and the producer when this movie was premiered at the Silverbird Cinema with unprintable exchanges between Mr. Beautiful and Famous.

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Another movie producer by the name of Peter Sedufia added his voice to this issue on Facebook.

“Seen lots of folks chastising the producer of the “Galamsey” movie for not putting Mr. Beautiful on the movie poster; as in Mr. Beautiful’s own word, “He’s the lead Actor”….
Me: And so what?
He even threatened that the producer will hear from his lawyers… I just laughed.
Who says a producer is obliged to use an Actor’s face on a movie poster, be it lead or supporting?
Now you want to decide for a producer how he should market his movie, or what material he should use to sell his own movie?
He could have decided to use a “Broom”, or “Bucket” as his poster image; that’s no actor’s business!
The goal of the Actor should be a focus on how to get people to go see your performance in the film, irrespective of what’s on the poster, so you get more gigs, and not fighting over poster images. Lol.”