Mum Thought I Would Become A Lawyer – Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson gives hint on what her mother thought she would end up having as a career.

How interesting it is that a lot of folks have turned up differently in what they aspired to be or thought of being when they were little or younger.

Yvonne Nelson has revealed when she was a little girl of about 10 years old her love for recording events in a book in the absence of her mother made her mother have that belief that she was going to be a lawyer in the future.

Mum thought i’d end up a lawyer someday because at 10years or so i used to have this book where i record everything everyone did when she was away on her travels…….mama, what do you think about me now? I still have my book you know…..someday i’ll let the world read it.

This book in which she kept all these records is still in her possession after all these years. Yvonne Nelson then asked her mother whether she was proud of her as she turned out to be an actress instead.

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Even though you are not a lawyer you are doing so well in life

Can’t wait to read dat book

What you have become today makes more sense to the whole world. Your Majesty

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