My Wigs Alone Cost GH 17,000 – Tracey Boakye Boasts From Germany

Tracey Boakye

Tracey Boakye keeps taunting her haters even after travelling to Germany for holidays.

One would have believed when a person goes on holiday it must be time to shun social media for some time and try and recuperate, but not with actress Tracey Boakye.

During a short interview with  ZionFelix, the bubbly actress revealed the cost of the wigs she recently bought. She mentioned a whopping GH 17,000 for just wigs alone.

In a country like Ghana where a lot of people can’t afford three square meals a day, for Tracey Boakye to spend this much on her shows her ‘big girl’ attitude in showbiz.

She went on to disclose that her GH 17,000 wigs came in different colours and styles, therefore, accounting for how expensive they were.

Tracey Boakye
Tracey Boakye

According to her, the wigs seller was moved to tears when she splashed this amount of cash on her products.

Tracey Boakye continues to show off on social media that she has the boss chick attitude when it comes to actresses in the country.